Freund, Peter F.
Vedic literature reading curriculum, Volume 1  Order No. 3222115

The Vedicreserve website presents nearly 50,000 pages of consistently type-set Devanagari text as an ordered, sequential program of reading of more than 300 heretofore scattered texts of the Vedic Literature that have been identified by Maharishi Maharishi Yogi as the essential components of a simple and universal curriculum of total knowledge.

In this program, first proposed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1991, students read the entire Vedic Literature in sequence from beginning to end in Sanskrit. Practical benefits of this reading program have been verified in a series of dissertations at Maharishi University of Management.

In this dissertation a model curriculum of reading the Vedic Literature is presented for the six Vedanga, a group of texts encompassing the Vedic sciences of phonetics. Yajna, grammar, etymology, prosody, and Vedic astrology. Included in this model curriculum are samples of each text, description of the content and structure of each text, and presentation of the correlates in human physiology, based on the research of Dr. Tony Nader. Fifty-four Shiksha texts and 72 Kalpa texts are reviewed; the Ashtadhyayi is described along with five satellite texts; Nirukta, and its word list, the Nighantu, is described, the Pingalachhandas-Sutra is presented as the textbook of Chhandas, the fifth Vedanga, and 15 texts belonging to Jyotish, Vedic astrology and astronomy, are described. In all. 150 texts belonging to the Vedanga are described, and the proper sequence and program of reading is laid out

For the 30 remaining branches of Vedic Literature that students read, 180 individual texts are identified and referenced, and an overview of the structure and the beginning and ending paragraphs of each text is presented.

Finally, the inner dynamics of the program of reading Vedic Literature is explained in terms of a revival of the ancient Vedic science of phonetics brought about by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Locating all eight vowels (Svara) of the Vedic language in the first syllable of Rik Veda, Maharishi's science of speech synthesizes the traditional knowledge of Shiksha, Sanskrit phonetics, with the knowledge of modern physiology, physics and cosmology in one all-encompassing science of Total Natural Law.


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