New online course by BBC filmmaker
New Online Course: Narrative-Based Creative Storytelling taught by BBC documentary filmmaker Stuart Tanner
Learn how to write creatively by applying the art of storytelling.
Course begins January 28, 2013
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Narrative: The Art of Story

This course examines the essential role of narrative in the creation of all forms of media. From the very beginnings of human records, whether in the form of mythology, scripture, literature, or even the earliest cave paintings, the creators of these works have always imparted a message to their audience through the use of storytelling or narrative. Gaining an understanding of the fundamental elements of narrative and how to apply them will give the student a real advantage. Graduates of the course will be able to discuss or write about any narrative-based creative work with insight, clarity and confidence. They will also be able to apply this knowledge in their own narrative-based creative works.

Film makers, journalists, fiction and non-fiction writers can all benefit from this course and improve their writing.

The course is taught by senior television producer/director Stuart Tanner, who has won numerous awards for his documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4.

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