Two Reasons Why    
1. Why should I study business process improvement?

The recessionary environment of the last several years has taught all firms the importance of reducing waste and adding value. That is the theme of “lean management,” which forms the core of a specialization in business process improvement. Companies need managers who can improve their operations and enhance the quality of their products. This specialty is sure to be in demand, now and into the future.

2. Why should I study business process improvement at MUM?

At the heart of this field is the creative solution to difficult problems. How can you both reduce cost and add value for customers? You can’t just plug numbers into a spreadsheet and get that kind of answer. The good ideas have to come from a holistic awareness of the various aspects of the company, understood by a settled, clear mind.  The practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique by our students develops that quality of awareness, so that you can be 100% effective in your work. On top of that, the practice of the TM technique develops the quality of personal fulfillment that comes from a deep inner stability, so the net result is: 200% of life, 100% effectiveness in the world and 100% inner development.

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