General Academic Policies    
Residency Requirements
Undergraduate students must take at least 60 semester units of instructional course work (1½ years) in residence for a bachelor’s degree. For a master’s degree, at least 50% of instructional course work must be taken in residence. For doctoral programs, at least 80 semester units of instructional course work (two years) must be taken in residence. Exceptions to the residency requirements may be made for undergraduate programs with the approval of the Academic Standards Committee, and for graduate programs with the approval of the Registrar and the Graduate Committee.

Time Limits on Degrees
  • Undergraduate degrees: There is no time limit. However, for those receiving financial aid, restrictions to financial aid apply. Contact the Financial Aid Department. Students leaving school for more than one year will be under the new graduation requirements listed in the current Catalog when they return to the University. Returning students who completed first year requirements when first enrolled may petition the Academic Standards Committee to have new first year requirements waived after meeting with their graduation advisor to determine that the former first year requirements were met.
  • Master’s degrees: All requirements must be completed within five years from the time of first enrollment in the program. Other restrictions apply for those receiving financial aid. Contact the Enrollment Center.
  • Doctoral degrees: Qualifying examinations are usually taken within 1½ years of completion of the core curriculum. The maximum allowable time is 2 years. After the qualifying exam is completed, students may take up to seven years to write and defend the dissertation proposal, conduct research, write, and defend the final dissertation. If students pass the seven-year mark, they will need to petition to continue with their dissertation, stating (1) reasons for the delay in their progress, and (2) a target date for finishing.

Credit by Examination
Undergraduate students who have earned credit by examination through approved programs such as College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), or College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and whose scores are 4 or higher for AP and 50 or higher for CLEP, or 5 or higher on IBHL exams may receive four units of credit for each exam up to a maximum of 32 units. This credit may be used to waive courses at MUM as appropriate. Graduates of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment may receive 2 units of Advanced Placement credit for each year of attendance at Maharishi School for 10th grade through 12th grade.

Second Bachelor’s Degree
Students with a prior bachelor’s degree may enroll for a second bachelor’s degree. They may transfer up to one-half of the courses in the major on a course-by-course basis, but the unit requirement for the major remains the same.

Students with a prior degree from MUM need only complete the major and any graduation requirements that have been added since they last attended the University.

Students who do not have a previous degree from MUM must complete the following:
  1. The requirements of their new major (up to one-half of the units may be transferred)
  2. A minimum of one-and-one-half years on campus
  3. MVS 100 or ED 101 The Transcendental Meditation Program
  4. FOR 108 or 109 and STC 108 or 109
  5. MVS 202 Higher States of Consciousness
  6. One Forest Academy for each semester enrolled at least four blocks
  7. Passing each semester’s Development of Consciousness course
  8. Senior assessment testing is not required

Second Master’s Degree
Students with a prior master’s degree may enroll for a second master’s degree if the degree is in a different field, or, with the approval of the academic department, if the degree is in the same field but with a different emphasis.

Second Ph.D.
Students with a prior Ph.D. or professional degree who wish to pursue a Ph.D. program should follow these steps to determine their academic program:
  • Admission is determined by the respective department.
  • A major advisor and an advisory committee (three members) are selected following the same criteria that are applied for other Ph.D. committees, and the academic program is developed in consultation with the student.
  • The academic program is submitted for review to the Graduate School following its development by an advisory committee from the department. A copy of the advisory committee report must be attached.
  • This review includes the appropriateness of the advisory committee membership, the academic program, and the transfer of courses or degree credits from one program to another.

Students are not permitted to take examinations early. All students are required to complete each course fully, including taking the final examination on the date scheduled. Exceptions may be made for compelling reasons only. Students must have the prior approval of both the course instructor and the Academic Standards Committee before finalizing travel plans. Students should submit a Petition to Academic Standards Committee and include a note of approval from the course instructor before the final week of the course.

The same policy applies to taking examinations after the last class session — prior approval must be secured from the course instructor. The instructor will then give a student a grade of “I” (Incomplete) until the exam is completed. Then, the instructor will officially change the grade with the Registrar.

Late Work
Students may not hand in work after the last class session of a course unless they have made prior arrangements for a grade of “Incomplete” (see “Incomplete” below) with the course instructor. Depending on the amount of work a student has yet to do, the faculty may elect to reduce the grade proportionally or give the student an “NC” instead of an “I.”

Appeal of a Grade
If you wish to appeal a grade you've received, please speak first to your professor (please bring all the work you've done for the course to this discussion). If the outcome of this discussion is not satisfactory, speak to the chair of the department. If this is not satisfactory (or if the Department Head is the professor), you may appeal to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (undergraduate courses) or the Dean of the Graduate School (graduate students). The Dean may appoint a committee to evaluate your appeal. The Dean’s decision is final.

Student Records
Students have the right to view their records upon request, and may do so by making an appointment with the Enrollment Center. Any documents to which the student has waived the right of access will be removed from their file before viewing is permitted. Please see the University’s FERPA policies.

Students may request copies of their records (other than transcripts) at 10¢ per page. Academic transcripts from the University are available at $10 for the first copy. Transcripts from other U.S. schools cannot be copied; the student must order them directly from the other schools. Original copies of transcripts from schools outside of the U.S. can be returned to the student and copied for our records for $1 per page.

Academic Transcripts
An academic transcript is the complete record of a student’s academic life while at the University. It reflects all course work, grades, major areas studied, degree(s) received, and academic progress.

Academic transcript requests may be submitted on line here. Students may also request their academic transcript at any time from the Enrollment Center by using an “Academic Transcript Request” form, or other written request. Your signature is required on your written or faxed request before the Enrollment Center is able to release a transcript. Please include the following information in your request: name, former names, Student ID number, dates of attendance, address where you would like to have the transcript sent, and your signature. The transcript fees are as follows:
  • For current students: $5.00 per transcript
  • For former students: $10 for the first transcript, and $5 for each additional copy, if ordered at the same time
  • If express shipping is requested, it must be paid for in advance.
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