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Center for Managment Research
Citations are organized into the following sections:

Conference Proceedings

A Consciousness-Based approach to management education for integrity >    
Unified Field Based Sustainable Business. Panel presentation in Sustainability in management education: In search of transformative approaches and outcomes >    
Higher Education for Higher Consciousness: Maharishi University of Management as a Model for Spirituality in Management Education >    
A quantum metaphor of organizations: Implications for business education >    

Conference Proceedings
Finding Principles of Leadership in Literature: Exercises using the Ramayan of Valmiki >    
Finding Principles of Leading and Teaching in the Ancient Vedic Literature >    
Researching Spiritual Development, Wholeness of Life, in Business Settings >    
Management curricula for cultivating advanced human development >    
Wholeness in business education: Teaching Techniques from Maharishi International University >    
Leadership skills development courses: The value of using great literature cases >    
Solving the problem of fragmented knowledge: Wholeness in business education >    
The use of Unified Field Charts as conceptual maps in business education >    
Promoting adult psychological development: Implications for management education >    
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