Driving on Campus    

Drive Carefully: Please drive carefully and observe the campus speed limit (15 mph).  

Always yield to pedestrians, and always follow the Motor Vehicle Code of the State of Iowa. (Consult with the Campus Security Office or Fairfield Police Department for the Motor Vehicle Code of the State of Iowa.)

Come to a complete stop at stop signs (two (2) full seconds). The fine for failing to do so is $25.

Parking: Please observe and adhere strictly to posted parking and no-parking areas. There is no parking on or in front of drives or walkways, entrances to walkways, loading areas, dumpsters, fire hydrants (within five feet on either side), or anywhere that parking would block traffic. Parking is not allowed on sidewalks or grass at any time, even for loading or unloading your car.

Vehicle parking violations are subject to fines and/or towing at vehicle owner’s expense.  The fine for parking on the grass is $100.

There are some restricted parking areas. If you do not have the appropriate sticker for a specific parking spot, or if the lot is not designated for student parking, it should not be used even for temporary parking. Please consult with the Campus Safety Office for designated student parking lots and student parking spaces.

Traffic Violations: If you fail to observe parking or traffic guidelines, you may receive either a warning or a fine, the amount of which will determined by the situation and the severity of the offense. With three or more violations you may lose your driving privileges on campus, and your vehicle may be towed at the discretion of the University, at the owner’s expense.

Vehicles found to be in violation in the following areas will be towed, or suspension of driving privileges may occur, regardless of the number of previous violations:

    parking in handicapped areas without appropriate permits on the vehicle

    speeding through an intersection or on roads close to play areas for children or their school buildings

    failure to stop at stop signs (a full two seconds)

    other violations of a critical nature, determined at the University’s discretion

Traffic Fines: All fines must be paid within seven days. A payment envelope is provided with the citation. Individuals with unpaid fines will not receive copies of their academic transcripts, or, if they are graduating, their diplomas.

Appealing Traffic Fines: If you wish to appeal fines assessed for any violation, you must file a written appeal within seven days of issuance of the fine. Written appeals must be brought or mailed to Campus Safety, Verrill Hall, Room 43.

Disabled Vehicles: If your vehicle becomes disabled in a no parking zone, it should be moved within an hour or two, or it will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Please call Campus Security at ext. 1115 (641-472-1115) to advise them of the situation. If the vehicle is parked elsewhere, it should be repaired within two weeks. No disabled vehicles may be stored on campus.

All vehicles which are in need of repair or are inoperative for more than 14 days are considered derelict vehicles.

Storing Vehicles on Campus: Students who wish to store their vehicles on campus must be currently registered in one of our academic programs, and the vehicle must be currently registered with the State and with the Campus Safety Office.  Call the Safety Office to make arrangements as to where the vehicle will be stored and for how long.  Vehicles must be fully operational

University Vehicles: In order to operate a University-owned (insured) vehicle, or a private vehicle on University business, first contact the Campus Safety Office for guidelines and requirements at ext. 1117 (641-472-1117).

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