Academic Responsibility    

The MUM Catalog contains the most comprehensive statement of university academic policies, and all students should become familiar with it. Students are responsible for being aware of the policies in the Catalog pertinent to their degree.  Policies regarding graduation requirements, transfer credit, grading, attendance, registration, Development of Consciousness course requirements, monitoring student progress, and refunds and reduction in charges are among the many topics covered by the Catalog. The following policies are also included here for the students’ convenience.

General Responsibilities

To promote a settled, harmonious, and productive learning environment, all students are expected to be engaged in class, focused on classroom activities, and mindful of appropriate classroom behavior. For example, use of a cell phone in class, texting, or  surfing the internet is generally inappropriate, as is use of abusive or disrepectful language. Inappropriate classroom behavior does not support a good learning environment, and is a violation of the Code of Student Behavior. In the event that a student is engaging in inappropriate classroom behavior, the instructor may immediately discipline the student and/ or refer the matter to the Department of Student Life.

Students are responsible for their progress in meeting their degree requirements. University faculty and the academic support staff are dedicated to supporting the progress of our students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the University’s resources, and should meet with their academic advisor at least once per semester. Ultimately, the responsibility for completing the degree requirements rests with the student. Therefore, all students should be aware of the requirements, ask questions when something is unclear to them, and see their advisor on a regular basis.

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