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Employers and recruiters can find accountants any time through Maharishi CareerNet, our online job search/recruiting system. 

The Department of Business at MUM is a participating member of the NACElink Network, an alliance of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Direct Employers Association, and Symplicity Corporation. Over 900 schools and nearly half a million employers participate in the NACElink Network.

Through Maharishi CareerNet you can view résumés of accountants and other MBA candidates and alumni at MUM. In addition, you can post jobs for your open positions to multiple schools in the NACElink network, all in one operation.
Employer benefits
  • One user name and password that can be used at every participating NACElink school.
  • Update contact information in one location and share those changes with every career center that holds a copy of that account in its local database.
  • Post jobs to multiple schools at once through One-Stop.
  • Target any combination of participating schools without having to log in and post to individual sites.
  • Manage job applications, including email communications, in one location.
  • Receive training on NACElink tools from NACElink staff.
How to use Maharishi CareerNet

To register and post jobs for Maharishi MBA Candidates (with no fees):
  1. Go to
  2. Review the NACElink User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  3. Click "Register and Post Local Job" to post only to Maharishi CareerNet with no fees (or click on "Register and Post a Multi-school Job" to post to multiple schools at one time for a small fee.)
  4. Complete registration information form. Required fields are noted with an asterisk.
  5. Complete the job posting form.
  6. Your user name and password will be emailed to you within one business day.
  7. Return at any time to post additional opportunities.
To log in to the system:
  1. Go to
  2. Username = Your email address
  3. Password = system generated and emailed to you (you can change your password once you are in the system.)
  4. If you forget your password:
    1. Click the FORGOT MY PASSWORD tab/button
    2. Enter your email address and click GO (your password will be reset and emailed to you.)
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