Secondary Education Fast Track    
The Secondary Education Fast-Track program offers students with at least three years of prior work experience in their licensure field rapid entry into the job market. This program is designed for working adults who wish to change careers to become secondary teachers. After their foundations and methods courses, students in the Fast-Track program complete a year-long paid internship in an Iowa school in place of student teaching, followed by a two-week seminar after their internship year. Once they have successfully completed their internship year, they receive an initial Iowa license. The intern year must be done in an Iowa school with a state-approved mentor program, and candidates are responsible to find their own intern placement, with the assistance of the Education Department.

Except for student teaching, the graduation requirements of this program are the same as the Secondary Education requirements.

In summary, the program is structured as follows:

 Phase I: Teacher Education Coursework
              (two semesters full time)
 Phase II: Year-long supervised internship
               in Iowa School
 Phase III: Two-week Summer Internship
               (June, following internship)

Although licensure in any secondary field is available, the intern license is ideally suited to Iowa shortage fields such as:
  • English language learners (K-12)
  • Foreign languages (K-12)
  • Agriculture (5-12)
  • Family and consumer science (5-12)
  • Industrial arts (5-12)
  • Mathematics (5-12)
  • Science (all) (5-12)
For further information about this program, please call or email Christopher Jones,

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