Reading Courses    
  • IEP 021 Reading Module 1
  • IEP 022 Reading Module 2
  • IEP 023 Reading Module 3
  • IEP 024 Reading Module 4
Students may skip this module if they receive a comprehension score of 60 or better on the Focal Skills reading assessment. During the Reading Module students focus the majority of their time developing their reading skill in English. This includes both the expansion of their English vocabulary understanding of grammatical structure and the development of reading speed and fluency.

Students engage in both extensive and intensive reading activities. Extensive reading is individual silent reading for pleasure done in class with teacher support. MUM has a large collection of graded reading material, both fiction and non-fiction so that students can always find something interesting for them to read at their current reading level. Intensive reading activities involve group reading with the teacher of contemporary newspaper and magazine articles selected by the students based on their own interests. This gives students the opportunity to clarify difficult passages, acquire advanced vocabulary and discuss any unfamiliar grammatical structures as needed in the context of their reading. Students in this module will have an hour each day for semi-independent study in our resource room as described in the Listening module description above. Prerequisite: A comprehension score of 60 on the Focal Skills listening test
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