Graduation Requirements
All undergraduate students must complete a knowledge-based graduation requirement
entitled “FOR 103 Health-Related Fitness.” This course should be completed during the
student’s second semester.

ESS 101 Health and Fitness Practicum: Physical Activity to Promote Longevity and
Fitness for Life

In this innovative and unique course, students exercise daily, chart their activities, and
report their achievement at the end of each month. Each year every student receives a
fitness assessment and a personally tailored workout program. Students are then assessed
again at the end of the year. A computerized system helps students track their progress
and generates a regimen of exercises. (1 credit)

ESS 103 Base Camp: Creating Harmony within the Diversity of Students, Faculty,
and Administration

Students, faculty, and staff go to a wilderness area for a camping trip to help build
friendship and understanding between all three groups with the goal of establishing
cooperation for future endeavors. Activities include canoeing, biking, and hiking, as well
as learning outdoor skills. (1 credit)

ESS 325 Rotating University: Leadership in Adventure Sport
This is a leadership-training course held in various locations around the U.S. and the
world. Venues have included Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the American
southwest. All students take an active part in organizing, planning, and leading the
course. The students actively interact with local cultures and ecosystems, and typically
travel by a combination of transportation ranging from bicycle, car, train, and bus, to
boat. Every two to three days the group stops for another adventure, such as surfing,
snorkel diving, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and white-water
kayaking/rafting. (4 credits)

ESS 498 Internship
This internship offers practical and advanced knowledge and experience in a specific area
of Exercise and Sport Science. Students apply classroom knowledge in a professional
setting that may be on or off campus. Students gain in-depth experience and submit a
report on all their internship activities. (variable credits) Prerequisites: consent of the
Department and the Academic Standards Committee.

ESS 499 Directed Study: Cultivating Higher Potentials of Body and Mind through
Exercise and Sport

(variable credits) Prerequisite: consent of the Department faculty
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