Art Internship Opportunities Internships for art majors

Employers today often look to see if a college graduate has experience — and that experience can be provided via internships. In fact, a recent study found that 85% of college graduates who got a job did an internship while they were in school. Plus, internships often lead to a job offer, or provide valuable contacts when you graduate.

Art student internships in the past have included:
  • Des Moines Art Center assisting internationally known artist Andy Goldsworthy
  • National Geographic Magazine (photography)
  • Martha Stewart Productions
  • Maxcast, a bronze casting facility
  • Nelson La Francis, fabricator, engineer, inventor
  • Peace Project Ceramics
  • MUM art faculty
  • Local art galleries
A wide range of internship opportunities are available to you:
  • Apprenticing with artists around the country
  • Apprenticing with local artists and artisans such as Dennis Kossow, traditional stonemason, and Duncan MacMaster Templeworks, traditional fine Japanese woodworking
  • Assisting at art museums, such as the Des Moines Art Center or the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, or museums in major cities
  • Apprenticing at art colonies and art parks
  • Assisting at local galleries, including the ICON Gallery, the Flying Leap Art Space, and Teeple-Hansen Gallery
  • Apprenticing at local art-related businesses, such as The Sky Factory (an innovative interior design firm), Bovard Stained Glass, and art marketing companies
  • Assisting architects working in Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Art students generally do internships in their third of fourth year of school. They begin working with the department's internship coordinator over a month in advance of the start date, discussing the opportunities and assessing how the internship will fit into the students' academic and career goals. to set up the internship There are no prerequisites but the proposed internship does need approvals from the department and the University.

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