What Alumni Say    
Alek Lisefski    
Alek LisefskiI graduated in Spring 2005 with a BFA in Digital Media, and I’m now living in Santa Monica, right near the beach. I do free-lance web design work (portfolio http://bluesheepstudios.com). It’s been going very well.
Ceyrena Kay    

Ceyrena Kay Faculty, MUM Department of Art
Landscape Designer & Planning Consultant, 2006-2009
BFA, 2000
M.L.A, Rhode Island School of Design

I have found that what I learned at MUM gave me a foundation of knowledge and experience that can be applied to all areas of my life no matter what I do

Daniel Zajic    

Daniel ZajicSoftware Application Developer, Ruby on Rails at Regence
BS in Computer Science, 2001
MS in Computer Science, 2002

I can't imagine having gone to a school where the focus was solely on the knowledge specific to my field, without a corresponding emphasis on universal laws, and on improving the container for knowledge. 

Elisa Fritsch    
Elisa FritschI’m a real estate agent focused on hotel sales in Baltimore, MD. I spend most of my day interacting with hotel buyers and sellers, and negotiating deals, which often requires persuading the buyer to come up in price and the seller to go down. 
Emily Marcus    

Emily MarcusMedical Student, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
BA in Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care, 2004

My studies at MUM gave me the basis for being able to maintain a balanced perspective in a field that’s both mentally and physically demanding; this has helped me succeed in an intense environment. 

Jennie Rothenberg Gritz    

Jennie Rothenberg GritzSenior Editor, The Atlantic, Washington, DC.
BA in Literature, 1993

My degree earned me a respect that was different, but in many ways more potent, than the respect I would have earned if I'd gone to Stanford or Yale.

Jesse Berkowitz    
Jess BerkowitzRight after completing my MBA (June 2004), I became a marketing manager for Human Factors International (HFI), which does software usability consulting — in other words, we help companies design software and websites that are intuitive and easy-to-use, something everyone can relate to. 
Sara Daley    

Sara DaleyCommunity Volunteer, Portland, OR
BA in Literature, 1999 | MA in Art, 2000

I am grateful I was able to have both top-notch classes and professors, but also an entire school of top-notch friendships (including my husband!) that I still have 10 years later.

Stephen Hopson    

Author, Obstacle IllusionsStephen Hopson Global Transformational Speaker
World's 1st Deaf Instrument Pilot
Health and Wellness Coach
MA Maharishi Vedic Science, 2010

I excelled and graduated with a 4.0 because of the incredible amount of love and support that I received from the faculty, students and staff, including Leslee Goldstein, my interpreter; it completely rocked my academic world. 

Steve Schneider    

Steve SchneiderPresident & CEO, New Market Hardware, St. Louis, MO
BA in Business 1983

My years at MUM formed the foundation of everything that came after that time. I greatly appreciated the interdisciplinary format on which the school was based.

Troy Van Beek    

TRoy Van BeekFounder, Ideal Energy, Fairfield, IA
BS in Sustainable Living, 2009

Coming from a military and paramilitary background, I have to admit that MUM was akin to walking on the moon for me in comparison to the life I lived for over 12 years. Not to say that I have never had a spiritual side. I did. It wasn't until I was working in Africa, setting up a security company of my own and at the height of my career, when I decided I needed to make some hard choices about my life.

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