Degree Requirements    

In addition to the requirements below for the Ph.D. in Maharishi Vedic Science, students need to satisfy the general requirements for a Ph.D. degree.

The Core Curriculum consists of 58 credits selected by the faculty from the following courses:

Year 1

  • MVS 670 Advanced Analysis and Synthesis of Total Knowledge. (8 credits)
  • MVS 671 Maharishi’s Insight into the Veda and Vedic Literature: Fabrics of Immortality. (8 credits)
  • MVS 672 Mastering Veda and Vedic Literature in the Human Physiology. (4 credits)
  • MVS 673 Original Research in EEG, Brain and Enlightenment. (6 credits)
  • MVS 674 Peace-Creating Professionals: Applying Maharishi Vedic Science to Society. (8 credits)
  • MVS 680 Maharishi Vedic Science Seminar (1 unit per semester)
  • MVS 691 Preparation for the Written Qualifying Examination: Synthesizing and Expressing Total Knowledge (4 credits)

Upon successful completion of this core curriculum, you will be advanced to candidate status. During the next semester all students will complete their oral comprehensives and write their dissertation proposal.

Year 2

  • MVS 693 Faculty Development Seminar and Oral Qualifying Exam (4 credits)
  • MVS 695 Faculty Development Seminar (4 credits)
  • MVS 700 Dissertation proposal: The Scientific Character of Research in Consciousness and Reading the Vedic Literature (12 credits)

Upon successful completion of these courses, which culminates with the written proposal, you will advance to the Ph.D. researcher status and then enroll in MVS 701 Original Research and Dissertation Preparation.

Awarding of degree

The Ph.D. degree will be awarded to a Ph.D. researcher once the following steps have been completed:

  • Presentation of the dissertation findings in a formal lecture with an open public forum for discussion
  • Acceptance of dissertation by the Graduate School and the Library
  • Certification by the graduate faculty of the student’s continuing exemplification of the highest standards of holistic development.
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