MUM Presents Maharishi Award to Quiet Zone Team    

At the University’s annual Winter Celebration in December, MUM presented Maharishi Awards to Bill Blackmore, Michael Halley, and Ira Roffel, who helped Fairfield become a quiet zone. Trains passing through the town no longer blare their horns day and night, which significantly improves quality of life.

"One thing I'm particularly proud of," Michael Halley said, "is how in 2010 the City Council unanimously voted to make the quiet zone an official city project — with the motion coming from a council member who formerly opposed it. I credit MUM with teaching me the principles of ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘the world is my family’ that I use every day as a Council member and that helped me create broad support for what was a divisive project." Read more

Geonah Lee Hopes to Introduce Maharishi Ayurveda to South Korea    

Geonah Lee grew up in Seoul, South Korea, the child of the national directors of the International TM® Organization in South Korea, so she learned the TM® technique as a young child and the TM-Sidhi® program as a high school student. Geonah has always been passionate about art, which led her to major in art in high school and enroll in one of Korea’s top art universities. After her freshman year, however, she transferred to MUM to study physiology and health.

“There are three reasons why I came to MUM,” Geonah said. “First, I wanted to really be myself: strong, stable, and fulfilling the self, no matter where I am and who I am with. I thought this environment and the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation would help. The next reason was the diversity. I wanted to be friends with a lot of people from different countries. Maharishi Ayurveda was the third reason because it includes physical, mental, and spiritual health and real beauty, so I was really attracted to this knowledge.” Read more

Dr. Hagelin Speaks at TEDx Conference    

Dr. John Hagelin, professor of physics at Maharishi University of Management, spoke at the prestigious TEDx conference series last November in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hagelin was invited to speak at TEDxWomen after organizers of TED heard him talk at an education summit in New York City organized by the David Lynch Foundation. Dr. Hagelin’s 10-minute talk covered the research on the Transcendental Meditation® program and its effects on health, education, and post-traumatic stress. 15,000 people watched the event live via webcast in special locations organized by TED across the world.

“There was a tremendous coherent focus on what I had to say,” said Dr. Hagelin. “My talk really stood out because it focused on solutions and not just on the problems.” Read more

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