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Rental Rates for private events    

Argiro Dance Studio
Approved M.U.M. student clubs can use the Argiro Dance Studio space for free as long as the classes are provided free to students. Fees should be charged to any non-student who wishes to join in on the classes offered. Fifty percent (50%) of the money received from non-students must be paid to the university.

Non-student clubs who wish to rent out the space may do so. The rate is $15/hour plus fifty percent (50%) of the fees paid by participants in the classes.

Argiro Student Lounge

NOTE: Student Lounge closes at 10pm Sunday through Thursday

Student Clubs/Organizations and MUM faculty using the space as a classroom use is no charge, except for paying an A/V technician $15/hr if event is outside of normal class hours and needs sound and/or video equipment.

NOTE: The following are fees for using the space for personal use and does not include any A/V equipment

  • Reserving the space for any 4 hour period Monday-Friday (Student Lounge closes at 10pm) $75 for 4 hours
  • Saturday (Student Lounge closes at midnight): $100 for 4 hours
  • Sunday (Student Lounge closes at 10pm): $100 for 4 hours
There is a $15/hr charge for an Audio/Video Technician to run any sound and/or video equipment

the Cafe
  • Reserving the space during non-business hours (Cafe not open) for a private event: $75 for up to 4 hours
  • Reserving the space during non-business hours (Full Service Cafe open with food available for purchase) for a private event: $175 for up to 4 hours
  • Reserving the space during business hours for a private event: $200 for up to 4 hours (Cafe purchases from you or your patrons during your private event may count towards the fee)
  • You may also purchase supplies from the Cafe for your event. (i.e. cups, silverware, plates, napkins,etc.)

Spayde Theater

The rental price of Spayde Theatre is calculated by performance days. For each performance day from Monday through Saturday, the client is charged $75.00. Clients are charged $50.00 for performances on Sunday. The price does not depend on the number of performances per day nor number of audience members.

Dalby Hall and Festival Hall

Festival Hall Dalby Hall
Entity Meal Only 2 Sessions 1-3 Hours 2 Sessions 1-3 Hours
MUM No Charge A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only
Continuing Ed No Charge A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only
MSAE $50 A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only
Dharma $50 A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only
Maharishi College of Enlightenment $50 A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only A/V Only
DLF (Rates may be negotiated in special situations) $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
Maharishi Foundation $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
Global Mother Divine $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
Purusha $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
MAPI $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
The Raj $75 $90 $75 $240 $150
General Public (TSR, Alumni, IAA, and Everyone else) $125 $150 $125 $400 $250

  • Cleaning charges of $50 may apply to MSAE, Dharma, or MCE in the Festival Hall if meals are served there along with other activities.
  • Rates for the affiliated organizations are set at 60% of full rate, that is, a 40% discount.
  • A/V charges are on top of all of these rates.
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