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Latest News from July 2014    

Summertime news 

Dear alumni and friends,

One might think that during the summer break, with many students away, things would be much quieter on campus.

Not so.

Here is what has been happening since graduation at the end of May:

Experience the Self Course

The third annual Experience the Self course took place from June 1–9. 30 people attended, from 16 states, with 8 learning Transcendental Meditation as part of the course. Many are inspired to learn the TM-Sidhi program and have signed up for Advanced Techniques. A number are interested in becoming students and some have applied. Here is a comment from a participant.

I'm writing first to thank you for putting together such a great program for us earlier this month. I really loved it, and got a lot out of it, and I know my friend Jennifer did too. The speakers and classes were excellent, and the tours too. I'm so enthused that I'm signing up for my 4th Advanced Technique for several months from now!

The Experience the Self course was conceived, organized, and led by Adrienne Shoenfeld, with help from members of the Enlightened Leadership program.

Visitors Weekend

Our most recent Visitors Weekend, July 4–7, brought 44 visitors from around the country.

Faculty Training Course

A dozen faculty — one representative from each academic department — are taking a month-long course entitled "Creating and Packaging an Ideal Faculty Development Program for Consciousness-Based Education: Applying Maharishi's Principles of Curriculum and Instruction to Accelerate the Development of Enlightenment in Students and Faculty,” designed by Dr. Susie Dillbeck in collaboration with our academic deans.

The faculty deeply appreciate this course. It has enriched their understanding of what Maharishi intended for Consciousness-Based education. The faculty participants will serve as the departmental experts in this knowledge, sharing it with their department and ensuring that all courses employ this knowledge most effectively.

Total Knowledge Course with Raja Peter Warburton

More than 300 people recently completed a week-long course led by Dr. Peter Warburton, Raja of Invincible Great Britain. The course began Monday evening, June 30, and continued through Monday afternoon, June 7, with meetings every afternoon and evening. Participants were encouraged to round in the mornings. Participants included Rajas, Trustees, most of our Executive Council, faculty, students, Invincible America Assembly participants, and community members.

As you probably know, Raja Peter began working closely with Maharishi immediately after completing his TTC in 1971, teaching numerous Teacher Training Courses, serving as Maharishi’s press officer, and working on countless projects, including many historic publications, under Maharishi’s direction. In 2006 and 2007 Maharishi tutored Raja Peter personally to bring out the specific exposition of complete knowledge that we had the privilege of enjoying.

Raja Peter showed tapes of Maharishi, took us through a number of charts illustrating the dynamics of consciousness (including charts we hadn’t seen), and told story after story of his experiences with Maharishi over more than 40 years. Raja Peter had visited here before, but there had never been an opportunity for the community to spend time with him like this.

It was a feast of knowledge. Everyone loved it. Adding to the fulfillment was the fact that Raja Peter’s birthday took place during the course. There is strong demand for him to return to offer the course again, and then to offer parts 2 and 3.

Governors Workshop

The annual 3-day Governors Workshop, July 9–11, just finished at the end of last week. More than 200 Governors from around the country came here to share best practices, with even more watching the event via live streaming. Many have stayed on to round.

Brad Mylett spoke to the group, reviewing recent University highlights, including Jim Carrey’s commencement address and student achievements. He encouraged all the Governors to promote the University in their cities. Brad’s message was encapsulated in this communication that a recent Visitors Weekend participant wrote to Mario Orsatti:

Salutations Mario!

I have just returned from the visitor's weekend at MUM and I would like to start off by saying thank you. You have been so truly supportive and I am so thankful for everything. I don't think I could adequately express how grateful I am because I could go on forever. If the MUM book had not been on the table during all of those group meditations, or you never told me about this amazing place, I never would have found it.

After visiting I've never been so sure about belonging anywhere. Especially on the drive to the airport after the weekend I couldn't help but feel I was going in the wrong direction.

I love how MUM is able to present often abstract concepts in very concrete quantitative ways.

MUM is the school of my dreams — a perfect balance of love and real-world applicability!

I was completely astounded at how well MUM provides ideal living conditions: food, water, outdoor space etc. It is all of the highest quality that made my stay perfect.

MUM has left me feeling very cleansed this weekend. I'm going home with so much more faith in America now that I know such a wonderful place exists.

Many different cultures, religions and races are represented, but everyone is accepted equally because its about each individual's own journey.

The feeling in the golden dome was amazing, the kindness here is all pervasive, it’s like heaven.

I was especially impressed with the Golden Dome.

The relationship between the teachers and students impressed me the most. This relationship is much closer than what I've experienced a other universities.

The environment MUM provides is amazing. I feel like it really helps creativity flourish.

I had an amazing weekend. I met a lot of awesome people. Everyone made me feel welcome.

I have never been anywhere that has so many people open to Knowledge. The environment here is amazing.

My consciousness has never been so open and aware than in this supportive environment. I have finally found somewhere I can belong and fit in. I was very lucky to find this place.

One of the Governors in the audience wrote Brad afterward: "Your presentation was well organized, hit the high notes, and was hilarious. When you were done the Governor sitting next to me said, 'That was a fantastic presentation.’"

Coming Up — The Waves Conference

From July 31 to August 3, we will be hosting the 11th international conference of the World Association for Vedic Studies. These annual meetings bring together scholars from around the country and around the world.

Typically they are held in major cities — Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, Houston. But conference organizers visited our campus earlier this year and decided to hold it here. This came about because a number of our faculty have given presentations at this conference in earlier years, including Raja Hagelin and Dr. Robert Schneider.

Close to 100 people will be traveling here for the event. Of the approximately 120 presentations, 40 will be our faculty and graduate students, so conference participants will be saturated in Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology. On the opening evening, there will be three plenary talks, given by Dr. Girish Momaya, Dr. Neil Paterson, and me. Raja Hagelin will give a plenary address on another evening.

Ongoing courses

And it’s not as if regular classes stop during the summer. Click here to see the many classes going on at the moment, in Compro and business.

The Enlightened Leadership Program — visit to the Netherlands

MUM Student Andrew Rushing speaks at the National Directors Conference in Meru, Holland.ELI members meet with Raja Kingsley Brooks.

Another significant event has been taking place this summer. Though not on campus, it has involved members of our Enlightened Leadership Program, now known as Enlightened Leadership International (ELI) due to the large number of young leaders participating in the program internationally.

10 ELI members traveled to the Netherlands, where they were joined by 30 ELI participants from 18 countries.

They have been participating in the National Directors Conference, where ELI was presented globally to Maharaja, the Rajas, and other leaders. One by one they introduced themselves and spoke. Adrienne says that afterward people came up after and said it was so powerful, it brought tears to their eyes. There was a great deal of discussion about Maharishi University of Management, and many ELI members want to come to the University as soon as possible.

The group met for 1 1/2 hours with Maharaja in Maharishi’s house. Many told Maharaja that this was the the most transformative experience they have ever had, and now they want to be full time for Maharishi. Afterward Maharaja said: “Now I know why you call them the next generation — because they are already mature leaders and ready to step into roles.”

They have had private meetings with other leaders, including Dr. Morris, Raja Konhaus, Raja Kingsley and Leslie, Raja Paul Potter, Dr. Ashley and Jane Deans, and Raja Luis (a pizza party).

Our MUM ELI members, together with ELI members from Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, will visit Belgium to speak to the young meditators there about Maharishi University of Management, Consciousness-Based education, and Enlightened Leadership International. They will also do a teleconference with all the Transcendental Meditation centers in Germany.

Our Enlightened Leadership members will give a presentation to the whole community in the next few weeks.


"11 Coolest Small Cities It’s Time to Road Trip To"

This was the title of a feature that recently appeared in the online news site Buzzfeed. Fairfield is listed second, after Asheville and ahead of many better-known cities.

As always, we thank you for your leadership and support of Maharishi’s great university.

Jai Guru Dev



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