Wednesday, October 01, 2014
The Magnifying Lens of a Consciousness-Based Approach to Literature: Overview

All literature is a product of the individual writer’s consciousness as well as a product of cultural, regional, and historical influences, themselves products of the collective consciousness. The reader’s consciousness then, in turn, interprets the meaning of the literary text based on his or her own consciousness, as influenced by (among others) experience, observation, and intelligence. What connects these two ends of the literary spectrum—writing and reading—is consciousness itself.

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A Consciousness-Based Look at the "Immaterial Reality" of Story
The term the modern short story is somewhat of a misnomer if we examine the origins of the American short story. Irving, Hawthorne, and Poe, for example, come to us from many different manifestations of story—fable, allegory, romance—story forms that go back to the earliest inceptions of story. These stories also include elements of realism that were beginning to emerge in literature in the early eighteen hundreds, so perhaps modern can be appropriate modifier.
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An Overlooked Film: "Another Earth"

I watched five movies on a 15-hour flight from India back to the U.S. this past summer and still find myself thinking about one film in particular called Another Earth (2011). I came home remembering scenes and images from this movie and eager to talk about it, but no one had heard of it. I couldn’t find it on Netflix but eventually was able to rent it from Amazon.

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