Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Maharishi Ayurveda Herbs and Tips for a Smoother Cycle

By MAPI Staff Writers

A smooth cycle is what Nature intended.

Modern lifestyles, diets and stress can knock your cycle out of balance. Ayurveda herbs can help to rebalance Apana Vata, the Ayurvedic sub-dosha responsible for the normal, downward flow of menstruation and elimination. Keeping this subdosha balanced is a key – a priority in Ayurveda – for a smooth monthly cycle.

Specific Ayurvedic herbs can also help remove digestive impurities (ama) that, in the Ayurvedic model, can lead to menstrual discomfort. The herbs and minerals in Smooth Cycle help nourish and balance your hormones, emotions, mind, liver, blood, hemoglobin, digestion, bones and fertility.

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