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What We're Not    
(religious, new, easy, alternative, party, anonymous...)

We are not a religious or faith-based school

Our student body includes Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Confucians, as well as those who do not subscribe to any formal religion. But as a university, we do not have a religious belief system or agenda that structures our curriculum.

Our approach to education is known as Consciousness-Based education (CBE). CBE includes a unifying perspective on human knowledge that informs all academic study here.

No approach to education is more evidence-based. Consciousness-Based education now has more scientific research support than any other system of education. Some 650 studies have been conducted on CBE to date, at 250 universities and research institutes in 33 countries. The results have been published in 150 leading scientific and scholarly journals. 

Our student outcomes are not like other outcomes
Our approach produces unprecedented outcomes — including greater integration of brain functioning, increased creativity and intelligence, improved learning ability, enhanced field independence and moral maturity, improved academic performance, better health, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced substance abuse, and improved personal relationships. 

No other approach can match these outcomes, which reflect the natural and spontaneous growth of higher states of consciousness that comes with Consciousness-Based education.

Not difficult to do
The core technology of Consciousness-Based education is the Transcendental Meditation® technique (learn more). It is just that — a technique. It doesn't require belief or faith; not even a belief in it will work by itself. It is a simple, natural, effortless, systematic mental technique that anyone can easily learn and practice, even young children.

More than 6 million people worldwide have learned Transcendental Meditation. They come from every religion, culture, and economic and educational background. Even many religious leaders — ministers, priests, and rabbis — have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique and have testified to its effectiveness.

It's not something new

This educational paradigm is drawn from the world’s most ancient continuous tradition of knowledge, the Vedic tradition of India. The Vedic tradition is based on the knowledge and experience of pure consciousness and of higher states of consciousness. 
The Vedic tradition, properly understood, is a scientific tradition, a tradition of knowledge verified by experience. It is a universal knowledge — just as universal as E = mc2. And it has immense practical value in our world today. 

When you think about it, one reason we face so many problems is that we are not using our full potential. A sound approach to solving our problems is to increase our creativity and intelligence. This is best done through Consciousness-Based education.


Not an 'easy' school
Classes at MUM are highly focused and intellectually challenging, with lots of hands-on learning. When you take one full-time course at a time, so much happens every day, requiring you to fully engage with your course, just to keep up. Students at MUM are required to attend class every day. Skipping classes is not allowed. If you miss more than three days (for example, due to sickness or family emergency), you will need to drop the class. 

That said, it is easier to learn at MUM because:
  • You only take one class per month
  • You immerse yourself in the knowledge you are studying and can go deeply
  • Your daily TM practice reduces stress and fatigue and gives you energy and clarity of mind — which makes you sharper and clearer in class and out
  • You have a balanced daily schedule that does not require you to stay up late to do homework
  • You study all subjects in light of an overarching knowledge of consciousness. This helps you see how all branches of knowledge are connected and how all knowledge is an expression of your own Self. Students find this makes learning more satisfying and relevant.

Not an 'alternative' school
We study traditional disciplines (except for some new ones we have pioneered, like Sustainable Living and Maharishi Vedic Science). We also provide practical training that will prepare you to enter professional or further academic work. 

At the same time, MUM is a serious alternative to traditional schools in that we take an approach that directly develops students’ potential from within. We consider your personal development to be at least as important as the knowledge you gain, if not more so.

We are also:
  • not a big football school
  • not a party school
  • not in a big city
  • not right by the ocean
  • not a large anonymous mass of students

For the students we attract, these are all positives. Our students are serious about gaining a university education and serious about their personal development. 

At the same time, they like to have fun and are great to be with. Just ask the people who come to our Visitors Weekends every month.

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