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In business and the arts, in media and communications, in sustainable technologies, and in math and computer science, alumni of Maharishi University of Management excel in their fields. MUM grads are especially active in the cutting-edge fields of sustainable business, environmentalism, and nonprofits for social justice, as well as in the creative arts, international education, and high technology.

Many of our grads are path-setters in upgrading the quality of life in corporate work environments, as well as in expanding the use of sustainable business practices. Others are engaged in projects of social and sustainable entrepreneurship. MUM students make a real difference in the lives of others and in society in general.

Like other university graduates, MUM alumni have many opportunities for jobs and internships, or if they choose, go on to graduate or professional schools.

An MUM education is unique, however, in that it not only prepares students for financial success, but also develops many positive intangible qualities, such as intellectual flexibility, enhanced problem-solving ability, personal warmth, and happiness.

So, while many MUM graduates have found professional success, they also tend to be successful as human beings, people who are living rich, contented, productive, and interesting lives — which is the most important alumni outcome of all.

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