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Romanian Former Beauty Queen is a Lawyer, Mediator, Merit Scholar    
Name: Laura Yellin (née: Nita)
MUM Degree: Master of Science, Psychology, 2003
Law Degrees: Master of Law, Lucian Blaga Univ., 1997; Master of Law, Univ. of Miami, 2011
Job: Attorney specializing in mediation and conflict resolution
From/To: Grew up in Piatra Neamt, Romania, now lives in Vero Beach, Florida
Winner: Miss Spring beauty pageant, Iasi, Romania, 1991
In 1999, Laura Yellin was hard at work in a high profile career as legal counselor and deputy director of the Trade Register at the Commerce Department in Iasi, a large Romanian city and center of culture, arts and academic life. A year earlier, Laura’s sister, Elena, had moved to the U.S. to attend Maharishi University of Management (MUM), and raved about the school's unique approach. Listening closely, Laura was intrigued.
On a visit later that year, Laura experienced MUM for the first time and was moved to make a life-changing decision — to leave behind her career and embark upon a new life in a new country. Her hope was to find deeper fulfillment.
“I’d always been interested in meditation and holistic knowledge,” says Laura, who now lives in Vero Beach, Florida and works as an attorney-mediator. “I wanted to attend MUM. But basically, I had to start all over.”
Already the holder of a bachelors degree and law degree from Lucian Blaga University in Romania — and the winner of the Miss Spring beauty pageant in Iasi — Laura earned a masters degree in psychology at MUM, graduating with an Outstanding Student Award. In 2010, she enrolled at University of Miami on a merit scholarship and the following year earned a masters degree in International Law. 
Today, Laura works helping corporations and individuals in the areas of conflict resolution, mediation, and other legal matters.
Though Laura has gained much in her many educational experiences, it was MUM’s Conscious-Based Education that has stuck with her the most. It offered offered profound experiences that continue to inform and shape her life in many ways.
MUM's 'Expansive View'
“Consciousness-Based Education gave me an expansive view of the world that has affected all areas of my life,” says Laura. “The environment at MUM is so incredibly supportive to learning and to one’s overall development. At MUM I became a more integrated human being.”
Upon first arriving at MUM, in 2001, Laura found the different customs, language and social mores in the U.S. to be daunting. The support she found at MUM helped ground her in her new, adopted culture.
“The kindness of the teachers and their willingness to support me as a foreign student were striking and so important to my success,” she says. “A lot of other schools used the Socratic method, which basically means ‘go find out for yourself.’  That’s hard for someone not educated in the culture. The people at MUM were totally different, totally supportive.”
In 2008, five years after graduating from MUM, on a trip home to Romania, Laura recalls the reaction to her “new self” she received due to her practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique and TM Sidhis (an advanced meditation tool) program for many years.  (The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced by all MUM students.)
“My friends said I was getting younger instead of older,” laughs Laura. “The stress had left me. I was happier, calmer. Everybody loved being around me and hearing about my experiences. There was an obvious transformation that my family and friends could see. Still that's going on, even today.”
Photos: At Palm Beach Opera (top); Vero Beach (middle); At Law School Graduation in Miami (bottom)
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