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Pre-Integrative Medicine FAQ
Graduation Requirements    
2012-2013 academic year (for other years' requirements, see
The Pre-Integrative Medicine track in Physiology and Health requires 68 credits of coursework (66 if taking FOR 462 in place of PH 263) as follows:

Required courses
  • BIO 260 Biology I: Living Systems (description)
  • BIO 263 Biology II: Molecular and Cell Biology (Prerequisite: BIO260) (description)
  • BIO 264 Biology III: Human Anatomy and Physiology (Prerequisite: BIO260 or SL-G195) (description)
  • CHEM 201 General Chemistry I (Prerequisite: MATH 162) (description)
  • CHEM 202 General Chemistry II (Prerequisite: CHEM 201) (description)
  • CHEM 203 General Chemistry III (Prerequisite: CHEM 202) (description)
  • CHEM 311 Organic Chemistry I (Prerequisite: CHEM 203) (description)
  • CHEM 312 Organic Chemistry II (Prerequisite: CHEM 311) (description)
  • CHEM 313 Organic Chemistry III (Prerequisite: CHEM 312) (description)
  • CHEM 350 General Biochemistry (Prerequisite: CHEM 313) (description)
  • PH 260 Maharishi Self-PulseSM Reading (description)
  • PH 263 or FOR 462 Maharishi YogaSM Asanas (description)
  • PH 350 Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultant Training (Prerequisite: PH 260) (description)
  • PH 380 Research Methods (Prerequisite: MATH 153) (description)
  • PHYS 207 Classical Physics (Prerequisite: MATH 162) (description)
  • PHYS 208 Solids, Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Optics (Prerequisite: PHYS 207) (description)
  • PHYS 209 Electricity, Magnetism, and Nuclear Physics (Prerequisite: PHYS 208) (description)
Recommended electives
  • MATH 281 Calculus 1 (Prerequisite: MATH 162) (description)
  • MVS 102 Sanskrit (description)
  • PH 120 Introduction to Modern Psychology and Human Development (description)
  • PH 262 Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition (description)
  • PH 382 MCAT Preparation (description)
  • PH398 Internship (Prerequisites: Consent of the department faculty and the Academic Standards Committee) (description
Course offerings may vary each year.
Note: Students may fulfill all or some of their requirements for general chemistry, biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics by having completed equivalent undergraduate coursework at an accredited university and earned a grade of “B” or higher.
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