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DE108-MVS 525: Sanskrit (4 credits)    

M.A. in Maharishi Vedic Science 

Start Dates for 2015:  To Be Announced      

Prerequisites: The practice of the Transcendental Meditation program is required for this course

"Reading the Vedic Literature in sequence is the procedure to spontaneously train the brain physiology and the whole physiology of speech to function in the most orderly way so that every thought, speech, and action is spontaneously promoted in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law, and thereby spontaneously enjoys full support of the evolutionary quality of intelligence that upholds order and evolution in the entire universe."

~ Maharishi

Reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit is a technology of Maharishi Vedic Science to accelerate the unfoldment of higher states of consciousness. In this 10-lesson course, students will learn to read the texts of the Vedic Literature—such as the Bhagavad-Gita and Ramayan—in the Devanagari script. It is not a course for l earning grammar and meaning, but experience and research has found that reading the Vedic Literature for its sound enhances experiences of higher states of consciousness. Students will also study many of the fundamental principles of Maharishi Vedic Science, particularly those that relate to Maharishi’s program of reading Sanskrit.


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