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Two Reasons Why    
1. Why should I study music?

Experiencing music — whether as a musician or as a listener — is known to increase intelligence, improve health, touch the silent depths of one's inner being, and in a larger sense, it can change society. Careers in music are not always easy to come by, but the study of music has the power to profoundly enrich any career, deepen one's personal growth, and provide life skills that can make a real difference in the world.

2. Why should I study music at MUM?

MUM is committed to providing a holistic, deep, and personally engaging music education. Our approach sets us apart from other universities. Here you will:
  • DEVELOP SKILLS NOT TAUGHT ANYWHERE ELSE: Most music programs center around a particular musical style. Our specialization is not defined by a style but by the systematic development of the two faculties fundamental to all styles: consciousness and creativity. A musical style is an important expression of one´s inner voice. We will help you discover yours.
  • EXPERIENCE HOLISTIC, HANDS-ON LEARNING: Music is a holistic experience. So are our classes. We teach theory and aural skills as integral aspects of our creative coursework, such as Songwriting, Improvisation, Sound Design for Film, and more.
  • ENJOY GREATER PERSONAL GROWTH: At MUM you'll study the consciousness aspect of sound, deepen your inner experience and explore the very mechanics that make music "musical." We are not training students for specific music careers; however, MUM's systematic approach to developing Consciousness and Creativity is designed to allow you to bring a rich palette of depth and innovation to bear on your music, and on all areas of your life.
  • BE PART OF A NEW EDUCATIONAL PARADIGM: At our university, where everyone practices Transcendental Meditation, classes are not just for gaining information, but for raising consciousness — individually and collectively.
If this approach speaks to you, then the Creative Musical Arts program at MUM may be right for you! For more details about our system of creative music education, visit our video and FAQ pages.
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