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Degree Requirements    
Minor in Creative Musical Arts 
To graduate with a minor in Creative Musical Arts, students must earn at least 20 credits of music course work.

Concentration within Media and Communications 
To graduate with a Creative Musical Arts concentration in Media and Communications, students must earn at least 12 credits of music course work.

Courses approved for the minor or track include the following:

Regular Block Courses

• MUS 203 Jazz Ensemble
• MUS 205 A New Approach to Music Theory
• MUS 210 Songwriting
• MUS 215 Music, Consciousness, and Veda
• MUS 216 Sacred Music, Chants, and Recitations
• MUS 220 Music Appreciation
• MUS 221 Developing A Musical Ear
• MUS 223 American Roots Music
• MUS 225 Creative Music Technology
• MUS 227 Introduction to Soundtrack Design for Film
• MUS 232 The Musical Evolution of the Beatles
• MUS 240 Basic Harmony and Keyboard Skills
• MC 330 Radio and Web Broadcasting
• MUS 399 Directed Study

Ensembles and Lessons

• MUS 101 Basic Music Instruction
• MUS 201 Intermediate Music Instruction
• MUS 202 Chamber Singers of South-East Iowa
• MUS 206 Musical Artist Development
• MUS 207 Creative Music Ensemble
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