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Career Opportunities in Music    
The Creative Musical Arts program is very new, not yet a major, and designed to train students in a skill for life, rather than a specific career. If you are looking for a school that structures several hours of music practice into every day and prepares you for a job in the music field, then it may be better for you to enroll in a conventional music program.

Nonetheless, students who studied Creative Musical Arts or Vedic music (called Gandharva Veda) at MUM, have continued to pursue music in a variety of successful avenues:

Gaelyn Hutchinson went on to graduate with a B.A. in Music from Grinnell College, where he was awarded the Steiner Memorial Prize for Music Research Presentation.

Owen Blake started an audio production company, Osnap Audio Productions.

Hannelore Clemenson performs at many different venues as a cellist, vocalist, and pianist.

Derek McCarty is a music producer, pianist, consultant, and teacher in California.

David Hurlin is a professional drummer and composer in the Fairfield area.
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