Course Description
MVS 552 Unfolding the Total Potential of Human Life in Higher States of Consciousness    

Prerequisites: The practice of the Transcendental Meditation program is required for this course

For Credit Students: Registration Date To Be Announced
For Noncredit Students: Registration Date To Be Announced


Course Structure: This course consists of 10 lessons, which include videos, lectures by Maharishi, Dr. Craig Pearson and webinars. For those taking the course for credit there will be additional academic work, including readings, discussion forums and essays appropriate for a Master's program, and a final paper.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the experience of witnessing and explain its physiological basis;
  2. Explain the mechanics of the transition from Cosmic Consciousness to God consciousness;
  3. Relate Maharishi's distinction between the absolute and personal aspects of God to the experience of God consciousness;
  4. Elucidate the relationship between God, Unity, and Brahman Consciousness, and describe the mechanics of the transitions between them;
  5. Explain why Maharishi terms Brahman Consciousness a state of total knowledge.

Course Schedule:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of Higher States of Consciousness
  • Lesson 2: Seven States of Consciousness and the Evolution of Human Physiology
  • Lesson 3: Cosmic Consciousness: The Mechanics of Witnessing
  • Lesson 4: The Mechanics of Development of Heart and Mind from the State of Ignorance to Unity Consciousness
  • Lesson 5: Rising to Unity Consciousness: Perceiving Unity within Diversity
  • Lesson 6: Self Realization: The Basis of God Realization
  • Lesson 7: Unity Consciousness: Living Infinite Harmony
  • Lesson 8: Unity Consciousness rises to Brahman Consciousness - That Wholeness of Awareness Which is More than the Collection of Parts
  • Lesson 9: Maharishi Answers Questions on the Seven States of Consciousness
  • Lesson 10:Maharishi's Commentary on an Experience of Higher States of Consciousness: Indication of the Dawn of a Problem Free World
Required text for the course: The Supreme Awakening, by Craig Pearson, Ph.D., available at
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