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Fairfield and MUM to be Featured on National TV    
Doug Llewelyn, left, who interviewed Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy, center, and Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Rustin Lippincott in Los Angeles for the television show, "Moving America Forward"

The McLaughlin Building, home of the Computer Science Department where several local business owners were trained

The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the hub of culture and the arts
Fairfield's entrepreneurial community will be featured in an upcoming broadcast on Youtoo TV, a cable channel carried by Time Warner, Comcast, and others.

The show, titled "Moving America Forward" and hosted by William Shatner, highlights the accomplishments of individual business owners in the U.S. Fairfield will be the first town featured on the program, which will focus on the town's entrepreneurial spirit and how this affects the residents' quality of life. The segment includes interviews with Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy and Rustin Lippincott, executive director of the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as photos and footage of Fairfield places and events.

"Fairfield was recognized for fostering the environment that helped businesses grow," said Mayor Malloy. He said many businesses were started in the late 1980s by software engineers educated at Maharishi International University.

The producers of the show selected Fairfield after seeing last year's issue of The Smithsonian that named the town the seventh best small town in the U.S. They found Fairfield fascinating because of all the different elements of entrepreneurship, sustainability, arts, and culture.

"MUM has been the generator of many business entrepreneurs and many ideas teeming with creativity that have fueled the growth of Fairfield's entrepreneurial business sector," Mayor Malloy said. "We were recognized in 2003 as the most entrepreneurial city in America and much of the credit goes to the University as being a central place where people who practice the TM technique have come from all over the country and built very successful businesses. Credit also belongs to the student body and faculty who have helped mentor entrepreneurs, and students who have graduated and stayed in Fairfield, worked for local companies, or created their own businesses."

The city of Fairfield, the Fairfield Economic Development Association, and the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau have bought the rights to the video so Fairfield residents will be able to watch the segment on the Fairfield Media Center's public access cable channel, FPAC-9.
Alexandra Pomeroy — Blending Art and Sustainability    

New Student Body president Alexandra Pomeroy came to MUM from Pennsylvania, where she studied communications at Penn State University. After a four-year break from college, she searched for a “meditating vegetarian university” on the Internet – and found MUM. When she discovered that the University offered a Sustainable Living degree, she knew she had to come. Read more

Computer Science Students Place in National Programming Competition    

Khasan Bold and Khongor Enkhbold, students from Mongolia in the MS in Computer Science Program, both recently scored in the top 10 in a national computer programming competition, earning an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley.

Over 400 students participated, from schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, MIT, and the University of California-Berkeley. Khongor earned fifth place and Khasan seventh. The competition was sponsored by companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. Read more

David Lynch Master’s Degree in Film Began in August    

Legendary filmmaker David Lynch, Trustee Emeritus of MUM, has given his name to the new master’s degree in film at Maharishi University of Management. The one-year program began this August and allows students to create a master project from start to finish, including possible distribution. The goal is to give aspiring filmmakers the time, equipment, and guidance to follow their own vision and create films that have an impact and transform the world. Read more

Four MBA Teams Finish in Top 10 of National Business Simulation    
August 11, 2013
MUM placed four MBA teams in the top 10 out of 103 teams in a recent online business decision-making contest run by the international Capsim Foundation Business Simulation.

This achievement marks the fourth consecutive year in which MUM’s MBA accounting students have placed at least one team in the top 10. This year five teams competed from MUM, obtaining first, second, sixth, ninth, and 33rd places. Read more

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Gives Commencement Address    

On May 25, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin addressed Maharishi University of Management’s 2013 graduating class, praising the University as ”the best holistic approach to education and wellness in life of any university anywhere on the globe.”

He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree for his lifetime of service and compassionate and progressive leadership to Iowa and to the United States. He has served in the Senate since 1985, with ten years of service in the House of Representatives before that. The Senate’s seventh most senior senator overall, he chairs the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Read more

James Wilson — Battlefield Meteorologist Studies Maharishi Vedic Science    

James Wilson grew up in Seattle, Washington, and joined the U.S. Air Force at 19. Always looking for unique experiences, he became a battlefield meteorologist. While stationed in the U.S., Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq, he provided combat weather support to Army aviation and infantry units. In 2011, he was named the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Battlefield Weather Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.

James had been interested in quantum physics and discovered the work of Dr. John Hagelin. Soon he learned about the Transcendental Meditation® program and read Maharishi’s Science of Being and Art of Living, which inspired him to learn the TM® technique. But it wasn’t until he left the Air Force, after six years of service, that he was able to learn TM in the fall of 2012. Read more

MUM Faculty Members Present to Iowa Governor    

MUM faculty members Jane Roman Pitt and Ken West recently collaborated on a music video which they presented to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in the State Capitol Building in Des Moines. The video, titled “Iowa Gold,” features a song composed and performed by Ms. Pitt and Iowa landscape photos taken by Mr. West.

Ms. Pitt wrote “Iowa Gold” about 20 years ago when she first moved to Iowa and was inspired by the beautiful landscapes. Then last year she saw Mr. West’s photographs in the MUM dining hall. “I was so struck by Ken’s photos, because they were expressing in such depth of richness and color just what I was trying to say in the song.” Read more

MUM Hosts Conference on Consciousness    

MUM’s Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy hosted a conference on April 20, titled “Our Conscious Future”, to discuss how the latest advances in mind, body, society, and the study of consciousness are converging to create new paradigms for humankind.

“This was a fantastic day of profound and transformational wisdom,” said Dr. John Hagelin, director of the Institute and professor of physics at MUM. “Truly world-class speakers united in a world-class event. It was quite a feather in our cap for our University, and enriching to the whole community. Everyone involved—Michael Sternfeld, DLF-TV, MUM, Maharishi Foundation, the speakers, the performers, the organizers, the sponsors—should really be commended and congratulated.” Read more

MUMTV Brings Campus Events to the World    

MUMTV was recently launched to provide free live streaming of campus events, as well as an archive library of past talks and conferences. MUMTV has produced seven live web shows and has garnered 3059 viewers since its inception in May. Read more

Noted Entrepreneur and Organic Herb Producer Speaks at MUM    

We can end global warming — without reducing the number of cars we drive or the number of coal-fired power plants in operation or dialing back other traditional contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere. The simple solution: convert all agriculture to organic agriculture. This was the thesis of a talk given by Tom Newmark as part of the University’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

"The faculty and students at the Sustainable Living Department are thought leaders, bringing fresh vision and consciousness to the critical environmental challenges facing our planet,” Mr. Newmark said. “I'm excited to share our farm, fields, and forests with the students, and it's fantastic that this course will inaugurate what we all hope will be a long-term collaboration between MUM and Finca Luna Nueva.” Read more

Artist Mikaila Maidment Tells Stories with Drawings    

Mikaila Maidment has been drawing for as long as she could pick up a pencil. Her love of painting and drawing led her to study art at MUM, where she received a BFA and then an MFA. Since then, she has painted murals in Ireland, illustrated children's books, and designed products for companies. For a year, she also worked on the faculty of MUM teaching drawing and painting.

“For me MUM is about balance,” Mikaila said. “That’s why I wanted to go to MUM. I didn’t want to sacrifice other parts of my life to study art. I wanted to be a healthy, balanced person. Because there is so much going inward at MUM, I feel that’s exactly what the artistic process is like.” Read more

The McLaughlin Building — Promoting the Success of the Computer Professionals Program    

The Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management started in 1996 with nine students. By 2013, over 1,500 students from more than 80 countries have graduated or are currently in the program. Students have been placed in more than 1,000 companies around the United States, including Microsoft, IBM, Google, AT&T, and Wells Fargo.

"It’s a great honor and privilege to contribute to a program that is a success on every level,” Ted McLaughlin said. “We are happy with the planning, financial structure, success, and legacy of the program."

“We have been included every step of the way,” said Barbara McLaughlin. “We feel the success of the program is our success also. It has been a blessing in our lives and very fulfilling.” View brochure

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