About the Authors

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh is Associate Professor of Economics and Statistics, Department of Business Administration, and Fellow, Institute of World Peace, at Maharishi International University. He formerly served as Dean of International Affairs and University Secretary at MIU. Dr. Cavanaugh received his B.A. from Yale University in 1964, Master of Public Affairs (with specialization in International Affairs) from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University in 1969, M.A. in Education from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University in 1973, and Ph.D. in Economics in 1983 from the University of Washington. His current area of research includes effects of the group practice of MaharishiÍs Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program on international relations and economic development. Dr. CavanaughÍs papers have appeared in the Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Journal of International Money and Finance, The Journal of Mind and Behavior, and Journal of Social Behavior and Personality.

Kurleigh D. King is Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados and Trustee and Professor of Management and Public Affairs at Maharishi International University. He was Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) from 1978 to 1983. Dr. King received his B.A. in Mathematics and English from London University, England in 1960 and his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Columbia University in 1973, where he served as Assistant Dean from 1967 to 1968. Dr. King was honored in 1983 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Government of Barbados with the award of the Gold Crown of Merit of Barbados for his contribution to Caribbean integration. Dr. KingÍs publications include reports prepared for the Caribbean Common Market Council of Ministers, the British Commonwealth Governments, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. His current area of research includes the Super Radiance effect on economic variables in the United States and other parts of the world.

Birney D. Titus received his B.A. from Yale University in 1971 and his M.A. in statistics from Stanford University in 1984. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research, specializing in simulation and applied probability, from Stanford in 1985. He joined the Department of Business Administration at Maharishi International University in 1986.

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