Figure 1

The Fundamental Features of Maharishi's Vedic Science Based Education

Traditional knowledge PROVIDESCurrent knowledge of the sciences,arts and humanities.
The technology of Maharishi's Vedic Science PROVIDES Direct experience of the Samhita value of consciousness, the basis of all streams of knowledge, through Maharishi's TM and TM-Sidhi program.
Intellectual knowledge of Maharishi's Vedic Science PROVIDES Understanding of the theoretical principles which govern the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness in the unified field and their expression into all of the levels of objective and subjective life.
Vedic Science based teaching techniques and curriculum design PROVIDES An approach to teaching and curriculum design through which every lesson is taught with reference to the whole of knowledge in the discipline, and the source of all disciplines is shown to be the students'own Self.

Figure 1. This chart identifies the four distinguishing features of Maharishi's Vedic Science based education and the role they play in the educational process.