Modern Science and Vedic Science:
An Introduction

Kenneth Chandler
Maharishi International University
Fairfield, Iowa

Part 4

The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field as a
New Method of Gaining Knowledge

The bold assertions about what is practically possible through the application of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field must be understood in the context of the new method of gaining knowledge that Maharishi has founded. The history of science testifies that as new methods of gaining knowledge of deeper and more unified levels of natural law become available, more powerful and useful technologies become available. The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field is based on the deepest and most unified level of knowledge of nature. It should not be surprising, therefore, that this technology provides a radically new source of organizing power to fulfill the highest goals of mankind.

The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field offers a fundamentally new approach to knowledge that has not been available before. In asserting that it is possible for one individual to know all the laws of nature and the entirety of the universe within his or her own consciousness, Maharishi is well aware that he is introducing an account of human potential that goes well beyond the concept of the limits of knowledge that has dominated in the scientific era. This new paradigm of knowledge must be examined in a new light.

It is a widespread belief in the 20th century that the only valid method of gaining knowledge is by moving outward through the senses, that is, through the methods of the empirical sciences. It is, however, only the historical failure of subjective approaches that has led to this belief. It cannot be known that the senses are the only way of gaining knowledge, and those who cling to the belief that it is, only allow old habits to stand in the way of exploring new possible sources of knowledge.

Subjective approaches to knowledge in the past failed to bear fruit because they failed to provide an effective and reliable method of access to an invariant and universal domain of direct experience. They thus failed to establish independent standards of knowledge, they failed to produce methods of distinguishing truth from error, they failed to produce consensus even among those practicing the same method, and they failed to produce practical technological benefits through the practice of the method.

The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field is different from subjective approaches in the past, and must therefore be considered on separate grounds. It provides an effective, reliable method of opening the mind to an invariant and universal level of nature which is everywhere, and yet not ordinarily open to experience because the mind functions on more active levels. By providing a technology to make this non-active level of nature available as a direct experience, Maharishi has made this domain available to all as a new field of inquiry; and where there is a new source of experience of something universal, unchanging, and objectively verifiable, a new source of knowledge is available.

The Science of Creative Intelligence gives a new account of how complete knowledge is possible. When the mind becomes completely settled and still, according to this account, it gains the ability to perceive on the most refined levels of nature's functioning the all-pervading unified field where all laws reside in a collective totality. It not only experiences this unified field, it becomes identified with it; it is the unified field and thus knows the unified field as its own universal Self. On this level of knowledge, there is no separation of knower from the known. Nothing lies outside the range of the knower. All laws of nature and everything in the universe can be known as intimately as one's own Self. Mind and body cease to be seen as separate realities. Maharishi (1986) says:

In reality our self-referral state of consciousness is the unified field?ot an object of knowledge as a rose is when we say, "I see that rose." The unified field is not an object in this way; it is the subject itself. The unified field is a self-referral state of awareness that knows itself, and in knowing itself is the knower and the known, both together. (p. 96)

On this account, there is no distinction between the knower and the reality that it knows. Since it is the Self that knows itself, there is nothing ultimately outside the consciousness of the knower, and there are therefore no limits on what can be known. If true, this account of knowledge provides a fundamentally new source of discovery of the laws of nature, like the empirical sciences in that it relies on experience as a source of knowledge, but distinct from these sciences in that it draws upon a wider range of experience. As a new source of discovery, it extends the power of scientific investigation; yet it remains within the scope of empirical science by being subject to procedures of objective verification.

Maharishi International University

Maharishi International University (MIU) was founded by Maharishi in 1971 based on the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence. One of the major functions of this University is to show how each discipline and each level of natural law arises from the unified field. The specialty of MIU is the knowledge of the unified field from the standpoint of each academic discipline. At MIU, each modern discipline traces the diversity of laws back to a unified source in the unified field and shows how the diversity of laws emerge from the unified field through the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness. Just as physics and mathematics have discovered increasingly unified levels of natural law at the basis of their discipline, thus tracing the diversity of its laws to their source in the unified field, so every academic discipline can ultimately show how its laws derive sequentially from the unified field. This project of unification of knowledge, a long sought goal throughout Western intellectual history, is now being systematically pursued and completed at MIU.

This enterprise has most recently taken the form of developing charts to show how each modern discipline arises from the unified field. For each discipline, a Unified Field Chart has been constructed to show how the discipline sequentially emerges from the unified field through the self-interacting dynamics of knower, known, and process of knowing. These Unified Field Charts constitute a major unification of knowledge, showing at a glance how all the diversity of knowledge emerges from a unified source.

Since the unified field is understood as a field of consciousness, and consciousness is the most fundamental level of each student's own Self, the study of the unified field at MIU constitutes a method of systematically relating all knowledge to the student's Self. The success of MlU's method of education is due in part to this program of relating all knowledge to the unified field and the unified field to the Self. Because all students and faculty at MIU collectively practice the TM and TM-Sidhi program, regularly gaining the direct experience of the unified field, the unified field increasingly becomes a living reality. The unified field ceases to be an abstract concept and becomes as intimate as the Self. The experience of faculty and students has been that learning and inquiry is joyful and most fulfilling in this environment of unified field based education.

Maharishi's Work in Historical Perspective:
An Appreciation

Maharishi has created a major watershed in world intellectual history. He has laid the foundation for a fundamental change both in intellectual history and in the history of technology and civilization itself. His work has created a new paradigm of the unity of human knowledge, and, we may expect, will unify the sciences and humanities in a more integrated way than ever before. He is, moreover, bringing to an end the old notion that man is born to suffer and that life is a struggle. The practical programs he has founded provide a scientifically validated basis for reducing and even eliminating crime, war, terrorism, poverty, and other problems that beset mankind; more importantly, his discoveries make it possible to live life in the fulfillment of pure knowledge and permanent bliss consciousness and to achieve the highest goals of human endeavor. He has laid the basis for a new civilization, founded on new principles of complete, reliable, useful, fulfilling knowledgeĄthe knowledge of the unified field as the perfectly orderly, unified source of nature.

Maharishi is unique in the world today. He does not offer conjectures and hypotheses about reality and human potential, nor does he set himself up as a final authority on matters of knowledge; he speaks rather of experience as the ultimate basis of knowledge. The experience of which he speaks is derived from a new source, from the level of fully developed human life gained when one's awareness is open to the unified field. Maharishi's life is an example of that which he teaches. Unlike those whose teaching is based solely on the personal authority of the individual, Maharishi has founded universities, sciences, technologies, and other institutions based on universal principles through which any individual can gain the direct experience of the fully unfolded nature of life and validate the truth of what is described in the science. Because of this, Maharishi is held in highest esteem by millions of people around the world.

Maharishi has provided means of unfolding the dormant creative genius within everyone, and he has established institutions through which the knowledge of how to unfold this potential will be perpetuated generation after generation. He has, moreover, used this knowledge to found programs to create perfect health, progress, prosperity, and permanent peace for the worldĄprograms to end suffering and allow life to be lived in spontaneous accord with natural law. These institutions are not just ideals, but functioning institutions whose practical achievements are now well documented and available for all to examine.

Everyone now has the ability, with the availability of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, to engage in this great experiment of identifying one's awareness with the total potential of natural law and to spontaneously live in accord with all the laws of nature while established in the awareness of the unified field. The experience of approximately three million people who have learned the TM technique testifies to its practicality and its effortlessness and ease of practice. Experimental studies have shown that its benefits are real and concrete. On this basis, Maharishi foresees the creation of a new era of civilization?n Age of Enlightenment?n which life will be lived in fullness and abundance without suffering. Maharishi's work eliminates the very basis of stress and suffering and lays the ground for a new civilization, a unified field based, ideal civilization that draws on the infinite organizing power of the unified field to bring human life to fulfillment.


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Kenneth Chandler holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. He is Head of the Department of the Science of Creative Intelligence at Maharishi International University.

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