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The term "meditation" now has so many meanings that it often seems to need a first name so that we can tell all of the family members apart. The challenge to this analogy is that the family members are actually so distinct that, under closer scrutiny, you might not necessarily think that they are related.

A recent study defines three main types of meditation, focused attention, open monitoring, and automatic self-transcending. Less formal or exact terms for the first two would be concentration and contemplation. One example of the latter (and there are very few examples) is the Transcendental Meditation program.

The TM program

The Transcendental Meditation® program is the most widely researched means of self development in the history of modern science. Over 350 peer-reviewed published studies (see Bibliography) conducted at a wide range of independent research institutions, seen together, offer strong corroboration of meditator reports of multiple benefits of the practice for mind, body, and environment.

Daily practice of the TM program allows you to bring more alertness to each day, such that there is increased fullness, richness , and intensity of consciousness available to support your decisions and actions in every waking moment.

It is obvious that a more alert student makes a better student, and that an alert student is more likely to appreciate the richness and the profundity of any academic field of interest.

Here at MUM we use the student’s expanding understanding and experience of the fundamental field of existence within, pure consciousness, to gain a perspective on the foundational and expressed principles of each academic discipline.

This is why we call what happens at MUM Consciousness-based education, because we not only emphasize traditional academic disciplines, we offer the TM program and other technologies of consciousness to expand student abilities in both comprehending and assimilating knowledge.

If you would like to learn more about the Transcendental Meditation program, or MUM, and what makes them different, contact us.

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What MUM Grads Say
 "Consciousness-based Education helps develop your self and your personality."
Nelina Loiselle, Vice President and Marketing Manager
BS, Environmental Science

"Being at MUM allowed me to chart my course forward and think deeply about who I wanted to be.  And I got the tools to make it happen.”
Vincent Bataoel, Sustainability Consultant
BS, Environmental Science

“The school is unique, inspiring and energizing.”
Anna Bonshek, Digital Media Artist and Author
PhD, Maharishi Vedic Science, 1996

“I wanted to be at the school that practices Transcendental Meditation.”
Ray Baptiste
MBA, Sustainable Business, 2010; BS, Electronic Engineering, 1991
Enterprise Solutions Executive

“The people who have been really fundamental in my career are the people I went to MUM with.”
Marci Shimoff
Chicken Soup Books Author
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies (Business Focus), 1979
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