The Digital Revolution

Twenty years ago people spoke about a digital revolution that would change the world. Today, we can see that this has turned out to be true — and in ways no one predicted. In the modern economy and every field of life, digital media and the Internet play a central role. This is why, in recent surveys, students who graduate with the skills that come from a Media and Communications degree are more likely to find employment than graduates with a business degree.

Tools For Success

Our vision is to provide students with all the skills needed to achieve great success in this new world of digital media while also benefiting from Consciousness-Based education. This innovative approach develops students' creativity and promotes life-nourishing values. 

Our Mission

We train students to produce well-crafted media projects that demonstrate creativity and originality. Our system of Consciousness-Based Education provides an ideal platform to achieve this goal since it develops the creative intelligence of each student. We strive to produce students who will have an impact in the creative industries and transform the world according to the needs and aspirations of the global community.


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