Small Classes for Effective Learning

In the Media and Communications Department at MUM learning takes place in small classes - usually about 15 students with one faculty. In small classes, students are given a great deal of attention from the faculty who can help them achieve success with their individual or group projects. 

Most faculty live on campus and eat in the same dining hall as the students. They are accessible and are dedicated to helping the students achieve their goals in their courses, in their portfolio-building, and finding great jobs. Students are often allowed and encouraged to do paying work for clients in classes. Faculty may find clients who will pitch their projects to students during classes, and the clients then hire the students to work on them. This is not unusual at MUM. Along with internship opportunities, you can start your career even before you graduate.

Student Video Spotlight

High Class Gluttony by Chamolie Thomson

We Are Theo by Cullen Thomas and Geoff Boothby

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