Student Video Showcase    

Food Speaks by Nina Delicatess (5:48)


Birthday Gift for EG By Haiyin Liang (2:56)

Genetic Roulette Trailer edited by Micah Salaberrios (2:26)

MUM Matrix by Hagen Rainbow and Sudevi Mossé (2:16)

Fruitface! by Ace Boothby (0:57)

The Meteor by Daniel Iwanicki (3:48)

Expressions of The Self Series: Beat Da Feet Hip Hop Crew by Coral and Melodia Morales (3:57)

Food Speaks by Nina Delicatess (5:48)

Awkward America - English is Weird  by Haiyin Liang (5:11)

The Baker by James Beuther and Matthew Johnson (8:20)

High Class Gluttony by Chamolie Thomson (1:28)

TranscenDance by Amalia Davidson, Coral Morales, and Melodia Morales (4:31)

Creative Film Project by Michael Valentino (1:24)

Choreographed by Maddy Koch, Performed by GeriLyn Paguia and Maddy Koch (3:28)

A Celebrity Happening by the Creative Filmmaking Class Students, April 2010 (3:56)

The Number 4 Video - Man in #4 Costume by Hagen Rainbow (2:24)

#SHREDYRSELFCLEAN - Little Ruckus ft. Lane Weaver & Dakota Phannin by Dominic Rabalais (3:28)

Malek Salah by Amine Kouider (13:14). Winner of Iowa Motion Picture best student  film and Landlocked Film Festival.

Les drôles d'amitiés de Sudevi by Sudevi Mossé (10:34)

Tracker by Coral and Melodia Morales (10:07)

The Time is NOW Ewessy: A Happening by the Creative Filmmaking Class Students, April - May 2012 (12:56)

The River by Ted Walker, music by Radiohead  (3:26)

Inner Eye (Ojo Interno) by Melodía Morales (8:04)

Josie Overmyer - Bloodbuzz Ohio by Wade Koch, performed by Josie Overmyer (4:38) 

Exodus from Krynos by Michael Chandler (5:45)

We are Theo, Chapter 1 by Cullen Thomas and Geoff Boothby. (4:20) Winner of Silver Eddy award from the Iowa Motion Picture Association.

Ninjatown Zombies by Bradyn Smith and Matt Johnson  (3:58)

Wormtooth Nation, Episode 1 by Geoff Boothby and Cullen Thomas. (15:20) Winner of several film festivals and nominated for Webby.

Space Adventure by Nathaniel Alexander (7:31)

His Pursuit' Trailer by Wissile Sogoyou (1:36)

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