Media and Communications Undergraduate Program    

What You'll Learn

Express your creativity in a variety of mediums and gain valuable career skills. You’ll have freedom to choose your own projects and develop a portfolio in filmmaking, music, web & graphic design, and/or professional and creative writing.
  • Develop your consciousness to improve creativity and learning ability
  • Specialize in one or more career tracks (filmmaking, music, design, or writing)
  • Master the latest technology & equipment
  • Apply your knowledge with hands-on internships
  • Refine your talents through positive encouragement and critique
Immersion in one course per month    
At MUM you take one full-time course each month, instead of juggling 4-5 subjects at once. Called the block system, this helps you:
  • learn more without stress
  • give your full attention to each class
  • remember what you learn
  • go deeper into knowledge and projects
This structure improves creative focus and makes it easier to collaborate with your peers in the program.

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