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Why we need a Master Plan
Our campus was originally built by Parsons College beginning in the mid 19th century. Maharishi University of Management purchased the campus in 1974 and has been developing it through renovation, demolition, and construction ever since then.
The current campus buildings have a capacity to house about 750 students in private rooms and about 900 students in classroom space. In our five-year strategic plan, we project that enrollment on our Fairfield campus will grow to about 1,300 students by the fall of 2017, with about 1,000 living on campus. We clearly need both new student housing and new classroom and office space in the coming five years.

The master plan provides a roadmap for accommodating this growth. It also sets forth a vision of the future of our campus. We hope it inspires those with means to manifest this vision. An increasingly beautiful, coherent, and functional campus will help recruit and retain students and build enrollment.
At Maharishi University of Management, we mandate that all construction on campus property meets or exceeds LEED Silver or equivalent building standards, whether built by and for MUM or by and for independent leaseholders.

To learn more about what a master plan is, what role a landscape architect plays and why it is valuable to college campuses please read Designing a Unified Campus.
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