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An International Campus    
The Benefits of Intercultural Engagement:
MUM International Students VideoCurrently, half of the student body at MUM is from outside the United States, representing 88 countries. A June 2013 study in the Journal of International Students* showed that high levels of international student peer engagement while in college is a strong contributing factor to significantly higher levels of skills development in:
  • Relating well to people from different racial, national, or religious backgrounds, 
  • Understanding the role of science and technology in society
  • Synthesizing and integrating ideas and information 
  • Ability to question and reexamine personal and societal beliefs.
The research results support the conclusion that students do well when they expand their social networks beyond culturally homogenous groups.
We also offer international internships, as well as many study abroad opportunities. The block system, in which students take one course per month, is ideally suited for many internships and study abroad opportunities.

See International Students.

*see page 85-101 in this PDF

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