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Global Student Council

The Global Student Council (GSC) is the Student Government of Maharishi University of Management. Its mission is to promote the full development of the inner and outer life of all students — “200%” of life. The GSC creates and supports programs and activities that enhance the bliss, health, and satisfaction of all students.

All students are encouraged to meet with the Global Student Council representatives in the dining hall, in class, or at other locations on campus. Find out what Global Student Council can offer you.

Global Student Council (GSC) provides:

       opportunities for developing leadership skills

       sponsorship and funding of student clubs, movies, concerts, dances, cultural celebrations, speakers, and many other activities

       various committees to enhance the quality of student life

Every spring the student body elects members of the Global Student Council for the following school year. The principal officer is the Student Body President, who is responsible for the overall administration of the Global Student Council. The other members who are elected are the Student Body Vice-President, the World Congress President, and the Cultural Committee President. An additional delegate to GSC is elected by the students in the Computer Science and Accounting MBA Professionals programs. The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed nonvoting members of GSC. Additional appointed members include the Student Forum Representative, the Food Committee Representative, the Campus Sustainability Representative, the Student Transcendental Meditation Association (“STMA”) Representative, and the Student Health Representative.

Student Forum

The Student Forum is a venue for students to share ideas and opinions, and voice concerns. It is a discussion, which can be held in person or on line. Any student may attend Forum meetings.

The Student Body is responsible for voting on GSC proposals that require approval of the Student Body according to the GSC Charter. Voting on GSC proposals is conducted via email or other means to the entire student body.

All students are encouraged to become involved by serving on GSC, participating in the Forum, presenting proposals, and expressing their views. Get to know your student government, and get things done.

To view the GSC Charter, please click here.
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