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Computer Science degree programs
Joe Lerman
Joe Lerman
Instructor of Computer Science
Email: jlerman at mum.edu
Work Phone: (641) 472-7000 ext. 2677
Home Phone: (641) 472-8339


8/95–present — Instructor in the Computer Science department of Maharishi University of Management. I have taught FOOP (Fundmentals of Object-Oriented Programming), Java, C++, C, assembly language, data structures, systems programming, programming languages, digital logic, and computer architecture.

10/85–5/86 — Programmer analyst at Computer Science Corporation, in Washington D.C. Worked on the data retrieval system for various satellites. The project was for NASA.

6/82–1/83 — Assembly language programmer analyst for the checking account department, at American Security Bank. Worked on the new money market account project, as well as maintenance on the whole checking account system.

9/28/81–4/16/82 — Worked at U.S. Aviation Underwriters as an assembly language programmer. Wrote new programs for the reinsurance department.

6/2/80–9/18/81 — Programmer at the Bank of N.Y., commercial loans department. The application was written in Cobol, and I was responsible for maintenance.


Master’s degree in computer science from Maharishi University of Management. Presented with Outstanding Student Award from the computer science department upon graduation.

B.S. degree in mathematics from Boston University.


Java, C++, C, SML, Windows NT, Linux, UML. SQL, Pascal, Cobol, and Assembly language.

Personal Background

Attended Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy jogging and hiking.

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