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Event planning at MUM has two main steps:
Step One: Getting your event approved
If you want to hold a public event at MUM, start by choosing your venue and date/time and then fill out the Event Request Form

If you have questions about filling out the form you can contact:

  • For student events — Sascha Kyssa at or by phone 641-472-1104
  • For all other public events — Arla Rabalais at or by phone at campus ext. 4132.

After you submit the form, you will be notified by email when your event is approved.  

Step Two: Publicizing your event and informing necessary support offices

Step two is achieved by filling out another online form, the Event Notification Form, which will be sent to you in the same email that notifies you that your event is approved.

The purpose of the form is to notify all the university offices that will provide support for your event, and all the university offices that can help you publicize your event. This process has been automated for you — by submitting the online form and the pertinent information will be sent to all the appropriate offices. If you need help filling out this form contact:

  • For student events—Sascha Kyssa at or by phone 641-472-1104
  • For all other public events—Arla Rabalais at or by phone at campus ext. 4132.

These support offices will receive notification (if applicable) when you submit the form:

  • Campus Security — unlock the door
  • HVAC — turn on the heat or cooling for the hall
  • Maintenance / Custodial — requests for extra tables or chairs, or special cleanup after the event
  • AV services — requests for microphones, projectors, and other electronics.
  • Housing — if the event speaker needs accommodations on campus

These publicity offices will also receive notification (if applicable) when you submit the form:

  • The Review newsletter
  • The Student Activities newsletter
  • Online events calendar
  • MUM social media office
  • Press releases
  • Email notification channels
  • MUM TV coverage, if appropriate 
  • Other promotions on website

​Additional Instructions

Posters for an event must be approved by the Student Life office and stamped before posting. See the MUM poster guidelines. Take the poster to room 105 in the Dreier building for stamping. If you need to call them, the phone is 641-472-1225.
If room fees apply, payment for the space can be made in the MUM Housing office in the Argiro Student Center basement. Checks are payable to "Maharishi University of Management" NOTE: Paying all fees associated with your event finalizes the reservation process.
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