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  • IEP 011 Listening Module 1
  • IEP 012 Listening Module 2
  • IEP 013 Listening Module 3
  • IEP 014 Listening Module 4
This module may be skipped by any student receiving a comprehension score of 60% or higher on the Focal Skills listening assessment. During the Listening Module, students will spend 3 classroom hours each day engaged in activities geared toward the development of their ability to understand normal spoken English. A variety of classroom techniques are used in this module. During the remaining classroom hour each day, students engage in semi-independent study of their choosing in the IEP resource room. This may include reading, watching movies, watching lectures on the internet, listening to books on tape, practicing writing, reviewing vocabulary with computer software, etc. This semi-independent study is done with active teacher support. Students repeat the listening module, if necessary, until they achieve a passing score on the Focal Skills listening assessment. Prerequisite: admission to the Intensive English Program
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