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Assessment Measures    
Student Teaching Evaluation
This form is based on the Iowa Department of Education Student Teaching Evaluation (IDESTE) developed with State funds to support the evaluation of teachers in live classrooms under the guidance of a cooperating teacher.  It measure all program objectives on a five point scale, where a “2” is the minimum acceptable rating to be considered to have met the objective.  Cooperating teachers fill out this form at the midpoint and end of student teaching.

Final Conference and Percentile Ranking
During the final conference the cooperating teacher gives a holistic summary of the degree to which he or she believes the candidate is ready for licensure. There are three possible determinations that can be made based on this recommendation: the student teacher is ready to have his or her own classroom; the candidate needs more student teaching; or the candidate is unlikely to ever be ready to teach and the student teaching should be terminated. The cooperating teacher together with the supervising university faculty make this determination. The cooperating teacher also fills out a confidential evaluation indicating the percentile rank of the student teacher vis-à-vis other student teachers the cooperating teacher has supervised. 

The portfolio that students create at the end of their student teaching includes samples of their work from most of the courses they have taken prior to student teaching, as well as a reflection on that work. It also includes a “Teacher Work Sample,” which is a unit of curriculum the candidate created and taught, complete with student work and an analysis of student performance against the unit objectives. The portfolio is used as a final assessment of many of the standards not measured by the Student Teaching Evaluation form. 
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