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Degree Requirements    

To graduate with an M.A. degree in Education with a specialization in secondary education, students must complete the general requirements for a master’s degree.  Program requirements are completion of 50 credits of the following coursework:

 Courses in Educational Innovation (28 credits)

  • ED 507 Stability and Change in American Education (4 credits)
  • ED 509 Consciousness-Based Curriculum and Evaluation Design (4 credits)
  • ED 510 Theory and Practice of Consciousness-Based Education (2 credits)
  • ED 511 Educational Assessment and Evaluation (4 credits)
  • ED 520 Neurophysiology of Learning and Development (4 credits)
  • ED 522 Building Community (or other Forest Academy) (2 credits)
  • ED 526 Teaching with Learner Differences in Mind (4 credits)
  • ED 549 Mastering Classroom Management (2 credits)
  • ED 647 Technology in the Service of Learning (2 credits)

Courses in Secondary Education (22 credits)

  • ED 556 Methods of Teaching in the Secondary School (4 credits)
  • ED 569 Student Teaching in the Secondary School (16 credits)
  • ED 585 The Teacher Work Sample (2 credits)


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