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Sustainable Living
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Unique Approach

Consciousness-Based Education

Do you believe that in order for us to solve the pressing environmental problems and help humanity in fulfilling its potential we must begin to fulfill our own individual potential first?
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Tracks of Focus

Learn the fundamentals of sustainable living through project-based work. We offer these tracks of focus for in-depth study: Renewable Energy, Applied Soil Ecology, Policy & Social Change, the Built Environment, Agriculture & Food.
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Our Community


A world based on principles of sustainability not only changes how we build our homes, grow our food or use energy, but also how we treat ourselves and each other.
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Is MUM right for you?

Find Your Tribe

Our program aims to give students the breadth of wisdom to be able to make a real difference in their own lives and the life of society. Is our sustainable living degree right for you?
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Walk the Talk

Net Zero Energy Classrooms

The M.U.M. Sustainable Living Center is open! Students are taking most of their classes in the building and are helping to develop its systems. It’s a building that teaches, and the first lesson is that it is possible to create a sustainable future and fulfill one’s dream.
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1-Year Ecofarmer Certificate

Intensive & Practical

Take a first step to enter the new paradigm of the Eco-Farmer, who works to enrich the natural biology of the soil so well it provides all the nutrients and protections that plants need to flourish – and produce truly healthy food in the process.
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