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Media and Communications BA Program Overview

Express your creativity in a variety of mediums and gain valuable career skills. You’ll have freedom to choose your own projects and focus on developing a portfolio in a variety of career areas. In these courses you will learn from successful, real world professionals, in an environment that will support your creative and personal growth while preparing you for your own success. Choose from one or more of the following career tracks:

filmmakingFilmmaking & Animation

bring your ideas to life

Create your own cinema-quality videos using our high definition cameras, filming studios, professional lighting, green screens, animation facilities, and more. Master the latest technology & equipment. More Filmmaking & Animation -->

Web Design

Web Design & Graphic Design

explore your creativity

Choose your projects. Create your portfolios. Refine your talents through deep and thorough critiques from industry professionals.
More Web Design --> More Graphic Design -->


Creative/Professional Writing

spread your ideas

Whether your interest is screenplays, novels, poetry, journalism or social activism, we offer an extensive program for both fiction and non-fiction. More Writing-->


focus on your art

Whether you want to pursue commercial photography or fine arts, we have courses here, as well as photography for social advocacy. We also offer travel photography where you can see the world, while you fine tune your skills through project-learning. More Photography-->

Creative Musical Arts

refine your performance

Develop yourself as a musical artist by writing, creating/performing, and/or publishing your own original works. Fairfield is a haven of songwriters and performers. You will find no lack of like-minded musical souls to collaborate with. More Music-->

Special Features of our Program

Project-oriented Approach

from idea to completed project

Our project-oriented approach will develop and deepen your creative process while giving you autonomy and time to go from idea to completed project most effectively. And because we are on the block system, you’ll only take one full-time course each month. That allows an in-depth focus and means you won’t have to spread yourself thin or be distracted by other courses. It’s an engaging, focused, immersive experience. 

One Course at a Time

go deep and focus

block system

At MUM you take one full-time course each month, instead of juggling 4-5 subjects at once. Called the block system, this helps you: learn more without stress, give your full attention to each class, remember more of what you learn, go deeper into knowledge and projects. This structure can improve creative focus and makes it easier to collaborate with your peers in the program.

Learn from professionals

start your career

Our Media and Communications faculty are experienced and active in their fields - including the film, television, broadcasting, music, photography, Web design, and publishing industries. They draw on this experience in each course to help students achieve their own career goals, including helping students launch their own businesses.

TM Practice Helps

water the root to enjoy the fruit

With an assist from your practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique, you'll gain greater access to your creative stores. When you reach down to your deep inner core in meditation, a universe of possibilities opens up. Students find they can collaborate quickly and at very deep levels with peers. We're continually amazed at the speed with which our students make alliances and work together harmoniously and enjoyably. 

One-of-a-kind Community

come and join us

Fairfield is a small town with an incredibly vibrant arts scene. Here you'll be part of a world-class creative community, participate (or just enjoy) performances in town or on campus, and access internships that innovators and entrepreneurs provide locally. The whole town is wired for fiber optics, making it easy to access world media. 


start your career

Students can earn up to 16 credits of internships that provide on-the-job training. In some cases, internships provide a stipend or cover expenses. We work to maintain relationships for local, regional, national, and international internship opportunities.

Student Video Spotlight

MUM Matrix, by Hagen Rainbow and Sudevi Mossé

The Meteor, by Daniel Iwanicki

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