create cinema-quality videos

Create your own cinema-quality films and videos—inspire, educate, advocate! Use our high-definition cameras, professional lighting and microphones, animation facilities, film studio, 175-seat theater, green screen. Master the latest technology and equipment. Work on projects of your choice while learning from successful professionals in an environment that supports your creative and personal growth.
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Web Design

communicate effectively

Investigate the core principles of design, and how design can be used to transform business, the environment, and community. Learn usability principles to create appealing—readable—websites that communicate effectively with your target audience. Communicate via image, sound, and written word to reach a diverse audience.
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Graphic Design

stimulate, attract, persuade, entertain

Combine image and typography to represent ideas, convey moods and emotions. Compose and organize your material to stimulate, attract, entertain, and persuade. Empower your community—use design to amplify the presence of nonprofits and citizen groups.
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create a powerful portfolio

Learn the fundamentals of digital photography through project-based work, and create a powerful portfolio. Explore photography from a commercial and/or fine arts perspective. Investigate photojournalism as a means of social advocacy. Combine photography with other mediums, such as writing, film, and music.
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Creative/Professional Writing

deepen your self-discovery

Engage writing as a critical process of self-discovery, and develop your technical skills in a variety of genres and markets—screenplays, travel writing, fiction, blogging, and literary nonfiction. Pursue public relations internships, write for online or print entertainment media, or complete a graphic novel.
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Creative Musical Arts

explore the impact of sound

Develop your expertise in composition, songwriting, improvisation, instrumental technique, and performing. Explore the music-making process, the impact of sound on the brain and society, and the fundamentals of what make sounds “musical.” Experiment with a diverse range of styles from both the Western and Eastern traditions.
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