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Jim Bagnola    
“Inspirational.”  “A gifted motivator.” "The hit of the conference." These are the kinds of comments heard from attendees of Jim Bagnola's (MA, Maharishi Vedic Science, 2011) workshops, offered to corporations and government agencies in the U.S. and internationally on “The Art of Becoming a Professional Human Being,” a series that teaches employees how to shed limitations and find greater personal power. Jim is a corporate educator ... READ MORE
Anna Bonshek    
“I’ve always been concerned with how to create a better world, how to help women in the arts, and how to find ways to live peacefully,” says Anna Bonshek (PhD, Maharishi Vedic Science, 1996), an internationally known digital media artist and writer whose career has taken her to the far corners of the world. Anna’s art installations have been exhibited in Australia, England, Hong Kong and the U.S. Her articles on art and creativity ... READ MORE
Lee Fergusson    
Lee Fergusson (PhD, Maharishi Vedic Science, 1991) is very good at running multimillion-dollar companies — when he’s not founding new universities in places like Cambodia or Australia, or authoring studies used by governments to establish national environmental policy. A graduate of MUM in 1991, Lee began his career in higher education, shifted gears midway into telecommunications, and eventually found his real passion ... READ MORE
Justin Cutter    
Like a modern day Johnny Appleseed, Justin Cutter (BA, Maharishi Vedic Science, 2006) and partner Nick Runkle the countryside planting seeds and spreading the word about the benefits of organic, natural food. Unlike Johnny Appleseed, however, they do it from an 18-foot box truck complete with a fully functional greenhouse in the back. The project, called Compass Green, introduces sustainable agriculture practices ... READ MORE
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