Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Ayurveda and Weight - Find Your Balance (Part 2)

By Mark Toomey, PhD., Director of Ayurvedic Programs, The Raj Maharishi Ayurvedic Spa -

Weak Agni Can Mean Easy Weight Gain

According to Ayurveda, weak agni leads to the condition whereby even very small amounts of food tend to cause weight gain.

What happens in this case is that weak agni allows ama (impurities) to be created, which accumulates as fat tissue. The Ayurvedic solution is to balance agni, increase the metabolic rate and eliminate the ama.

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Ayurveda and Weight – Find Your Balance (Part 1)

By Mark Toomey, PhD, Director of Ayurvedic Programs at The Raj Ayurvedic Spa and MAPI Staff Writers -

Your weight and the overall shape of your body are influenced by a multitude of factors. All these factors interact: genes, economic status, lifestyle factors, diet choices, food quality, relationships and the environment.

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Seven Ways to Boost Your Immunity (with food)

By MAPI Staff Writers -

As we brace for the last few cold blasts of winter, it's a good time to think about supporting immunity. There are a few good strategies for doing this, and one is crucial: immunity-supporting meals.

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, immunity-supporting foods are those foods that transform quickly into ojas. If food creates toxins, called ama in Ayurveda, it's bad for immunity.

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